You’re Invited! Hilary Weeks Performs her new CD “Love Your Life!”

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Trish and I have tickets to see Hilary Weeks perform at Time Out for Women in Portland November 4th!

Since I once wrote for her blog, Hilary sent me a sample of her music and asked me to pass it on to you. “Love Your Life” was released September 16th and is already #7 on the Christian Billboard Charts! It is her 11th CD and the 3rd to make the top ten. I hope you love it as much as I do!


See you there!  road-trip






The Christmas Coats – The Symonds Family Favorite Christmas Story

Hi Friends and Family,

This was a story I submitted this year for a contest. It was a loser to everyone but our family. This was the experience that changed us all forever.

christmas tree 2013

The Christmas Coat

It was an unusually cold snowy winter and I thought we were very poor. I knew our 6 children would want toys for Christmas, but was grateful my mother had offered to buy them new coats, gloves and hats. This year, coats would be their big gift.

Christmas Eve at Grandma’s, I wrestled my two boy’s beloved old leather bomber jackets away from them. They complained as I put on their new “Grandma” approved practical coats, knit gloves and hats. We went out into the freezing air and loaded everyone into our frigid old Volkswagen Van.

We drove our rattletrap on salted slushy roads into Salt Lake’s Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. It was so cold the heater couldn’t keep up. The A.M. radio was crackling Christmas Carols when the local D.J. made an important announcement. Due to record cold temperatures and snowfall, local homeless shelters were bursting at the seams. Residents were in dire need of coats and blankets. They listed several addresses. One of the homeless shelters was only a few exits away.

We quickly decided we would take the children’s old coats to a shelter and donate them. I explained to my children that we were going to make a detour and donate their used coats. I watched my 3-year old and 7-year old boys burst into tears at the thought of giving away their ragged, but well-loved bomber jackets.

I gave them a minute to calm down, and then I reminded them that everything we had was a blessing from Heavenly Father. It was important that we share all the blessings we had with others in need. They wailed, having heard me say it before. No new toys were allowed into the house, until we donated the old ones. No new clothes purchased, until we shared the old ones with those that were even poorer than we were, if that was possible.

We slid down the icy off ramp and putted to a stop next to a snow bank that was higher than the van in the shelter parking lot. The shelter looked like it used to be a supermarket. I decided it would be a good experience for the kids to carry in their own coats. It was with great reluctance and even a little belligerence that they gathered their old things and got out of the van. We trudged toward the shelter doors, which looked like automatic doors on a grocery store.

The doors to the shelter slid open and a man in a lightweight shirt came out towards us pushing a grocery cart full of sheets of newspaper. “All full! All Full!” He shouted at us as he waved one of his arms, warning us it was not to try to check in. “They are totally full,” he explained. “But not to worry. They are serving Christmas dinner under the freeway. It will be hot and good. I can take you.” Then he turned and waved his arms motioning us to follow.

My heart caught in my throat as I realized he thought we were homeless like him. Not only that, but here he was homeless, alone and willing to take care of a family of 8 people. Without a thought, he was caring for us.

“No,” I stopped him. “We aren’t staying, we are just bringing coats.”

He startled, stopped and paused long enough to truly take us in. My children, as shocked as I was raised their coats to show him.

“Look kids, its coats!” He exclaimed. With that, the newspapers in his shopping cart parted and two of the thinnest children I had ever seen emerged wearing only short-sleeved t-shirts. Time stood still, my gut wrenched and I felt my heart tear as tears stung my eyes.

Before I could respond, my children began throwing their old coats into the basket as the small children inside squealed with joy and put them on. Then my kids threw in their new hats and gloves. He thanked us, and hurried off to get in line for dinner under the freeway.

Slowly we turned and were changed forever. We have all talked about it again and again. We learned two great lessons that Christmas. First, no matter how poor you are, you always have something to give, even if it is directions to a dinner being served under the freeway. Second, never judge anyone. You never know who the next angel you meet will be. Just when you think you are working on your wings, a homeless man pushing a shopping cart full of precious cargo will show you the true spirit of Christmas.

A Symonds Christmas Card

Salt Lake Temple Christmas Lights

Salt Lake Temple Christmas

I love music. For some years I lived in Utah, where I met Scott. Many years ago I worked near Temple Square at Christmas time with my dear friend Yvonne. We both sang in the Bountiful High Choir. My favorite carol was and still continues to be, “O’Come, Emmanuel. We worked at the Lion House or old Governors Mansion. After serving we worked in the Kitchen, where the acoustics were best. I remember singing the following sweet song after all the guests had gone home. Today, I found this version and wanted to share it with my friends and family.


The Symonds Family has a long-standing tradition of trying our hardest to keep Christ in Christmas. Every year, when I wrap packages, even though I sign them, “from Blessings.” This year is no different from any other. It has been full of miracles, exciting changes and new babies. It has also been a year of great loss. Because of that great loss, I am more grateful than ever before this Christmas for the gift of the Savior, the atonement for my sins and eternal life.

The Savior gave his life and in doing so gave us the greatest gift of all time, the gift of more time.  I am grateful for eternal life, and with that another chance to hug lost family members and be a friend to those we lost this year. Good-bye Maggie, Mark, Mike and Tryg for now, only for now. 

Here is a wonderful family version of the The True Story of Christmas: The Nativity by This is how I pictured the Savior. He smiles, he touches everyone he blesses. I believe it was his arms that welcomed my friends home.

With every year our family grows. Fisher Symonds weighed in this year at 10 pounds. Joe is proud and Lindsay is amazing. Maya calls him, “my Fisher.” He is a typical Symonds, big and content.


The Symonds also have another long-standing tradition. It is the tradition of believing in miracles. We pay our tithing, do our best and trust. This year, Scott opened his business doors full-time and thanks to our generous and beloved Seaside has been busy. He continued to teach at the college and loves each and every student.

the jeep

Erin and I have been writing. Together and separately we have published 184 pieces this year for Deseret Digital Media’s I also published a few for Hilary Weeks website

For my day job, I am working at Providence for the best boss I have ever had. I have the privilege of working with people I truly love. I love my job. They let me write on the walls!


Yesterday, Scott cut a hole in a wall for me, and I will be setting up a full-time art studio so I can paint more often.

This year Scott Donated a 300 dollar detail from the “Scottys Can Do Shop” to the Providence Seaside Festival of the trees.


Our Christmas Miracle will be all 6 children coming home for Christmas. I believe it is the first time in almost 5 years. Time for another torturous family photo, right guys?! (Don’t tell them about the picture or they won’t show up.)

Time for a new photo! shhhh

Just a quick run down of the Symonds kids for the year:


Erin and Mark bought a beautiful new home in Farmington Utah.


Jamie and Alan finally came home to Seaside. Jamie has her own little studio and is painting and doing woodwork. Alan is landscaping.

Jamie and Alan

Joe and Lindsay had Fisher. Joseph finished Lineman’s School and Joe is working near Salem. He will commute.


Joel is recovering from a tumor removed from his foot and in the Army in Colorado Springs, Colorado. That is Charlotte holding him up. She is living in Longview and we love having her visit! Hope we see you for Christmas Charlotte.

joel charlotte

Jodi and Becca have rented an adorable house and Jodi got a job this year working for the Department of Human Services – Child Welfare (like her Mama). AND guess who can cook! Jodi is an amazing cook!

jodi thanksgiving

Trish is just finishing a term of School while trying to be a Mom. Oh soo hard! Russell is about to start in January. They rented a cute house and he works in a Potato Chip Factory.


So just to leave you smiling. Here is a little movie from my funny sister Sara. She always makes me laugh and smile.


P.S. Next year…..Temple Square in December. Start saving kids!

Miracles and Clickers for All


It has been a long time since I have posted on my own blog page. So to catch you up, I have been busy writing for and Stacy is helping me with a project rewrite. (Yup Stacy I am working!)

This month Hilary Weeks gave me a special opportunity to share a passion with my friends and family. She is letting me give you a coupon for a free clicker, wristband and sticker when you buy a clicker kit. (Just in time for Christmas!) Pass it on. The free clicker offer is good from November 1st to the 30th of this year.

Clicker Kit Coupon

Order you Clicker Kit HERE

Use the code: SHANNON445 and receive a free clicker, wristband and sticker, a $4.99 value

Let me tell you how I learned about clickers. I have a very special family. I have been blessed with cousins, aunts and uncles who are dear to me. My cousins, Kristi,  Jamie and my Aunt Joann and I went to Time Out for Women in Portland Oregon.

Joann Sappenfield, Jami Kelly, Kristi Johnson-James and Me!

Joann Sappenfield, Jami Kelly, Kristi Johnson-James and Me!

While we were there we heard Hilary Weeks talk about clicking.

I loved her story! We all went home with clickers. It didn’t take me long to become a believer. Life can be tough. This year, as you know has been the worst. On those days that I don’t think I can make it another minute, when I feel like I can’t run, write, paint or even breathe you will find my clicker on my wrist or in my pocket.

A few months after Time Out for Women, I began writing for I wrote a piece called “Life is Hard, How are you Coping.” I used one of Hilary’s videos,  Beautiful Heartbreak.

Just to prove that miracles happen, she found me and asked me to write for her. The universe is small and we never know where we will find our friends and opportunities to serve. How grateful I have been. During one of the toughest years of my life writing and clicking have given me something positive and uplifting to focus on.

Here is just one of the many reasons Hilary is a hero and changes hearts every day.

And so in the spirit of “Say Love” I want to share Billion Clicks with you. Clickers take my days from survival to growth.

Life doesn’t get easier, but the view from the end will be amazing. Today, I choose to find joy in my journey no matter where it takes me.

The view from my world

The view from my world

  • So…Help us reach a BILLION clicks!  We are on a mission to change the world for good…one click at a time.  We have almost 3.5 millions clicks and hope to reach a billion!  Think of the difference one positive thought makes, then multiply that by a billion and watch the world become a better place.
  • Get a Free Digital Kit.  When people enter their clicks at, they can receive a free digital kit with downloadable quotes, wallpaper and more.
  • Stocking stuffers, etc.  The Clicker Kits make great stocking stuffers, neighbor gifts, employee gifts,  teacher’s Christmas gifts.  Also, clicking is a great way to prepare for Thanksgiving.  Last November Hilary Week’s family placed a community clicker in the kitchen.  They clicked over 5,000 times for things we were grateful for!  Clicking is a great way to achieve New Year’s resolutions too!

Last year I gave Joann Johnson a Clicker Kit for her 29th plus xx years birthday. She and Kristi shared their clickers with Anthony and Jackson their Great and Grandchildren. The boys learned to click. Kristi said that one day after a near traffic accident and a little “Holy Cow” from her, the boys wanted to know if there was a way to minus numbers. Nope, no negative here!

So, to Anthony, Jackson and all of you – Stay focused on the positive. Count your blessings, happy thoughts and be grateful for one more day to do a little better, be a little better and love a little more.

Because Joel Symonds went away….

Because Joel Symonds went away…..

For My Mother

Baby Steps

Baby Steps..Iris Lively Nuxall, my grandma

When a small child takes their first steps tiny hands grasp mother’s fingers as tentative feet reach out, chubby bodies sway instinctively steadied by mom’s guiding hand, and then all at once little fingers let go. Unsteady steps in syncopated rhythm take babies away from their mothers until an unseen wall stops them, they sway and unsure they turn to see if she is still there, still watching, and in turning little padded bottoms sit down hard.  The child’s face watches the mother and time is suspended. When mother’s face breaks into a joyful smile, she cheers and claps, then baby smiles, drools and crawls with joy back to mothers knee to try all over again. It happens all over the world, in every language, on wooden floors and on dirt, in huts and homes, the same way. What would we ever do without our mothers steadying hand and encouraging smile.

My Mother's Mother Iris Lively Nuxall

My Mother's Mother Iris Lively Nuxall

All of my life, every time I have looked back, my mother has been there, cheering me on, smiling, and telling me I can do it. When I have fallen, and I have fallen hard,  it is her hands I have returned to and in her arms I weep, until she steadies me, I pick myself up, she dusts me off and I turn to go out into the world and try it again.

Beverly Anne Nuxall Sappenfield

My Mother Beverly Anne Nuxall Sappenfield

When I wanted to paint, she not only cheered me on, she made sure I had the best brush, the best paint, and the best lessons and cheered me on. She hung my work good and bad in her home, removing her favorite artists and giving me the courage to take unsteady steps and take my art out of the safety of her home into the world.

Always a mother

Always a mother...Beverly Anne Nuxall Sappenfield, LeRoy Fuller, Janis Lively, Pam Fuller, Dennis Lively,

When I write, she is the first to read it. She loves everything I write, good or terrible and gives me the courage to go on.  Sure, she corrects my spelling, and if she could, she would correct my punctuation, but she will never tell me to stop, or give up and to be ashamed.

Iris and Agnes Lively

“She has to love what I do”, I tell myself, “She is my mother.” But mothers also tell us when we are going down the wrong path, leaving the light and losing ourselves in the darkness of mistakes and ugly choices. They tell us with tears in their eyes, a quiver in their voices, as they beg us to come back, come back to the safety of their arms. And if we do, we will never go astray.  Yes, I have lived long enough to know that there are mothers who are not always right, who do terrible things, and should not be allowed to have children. But I have also lived long enough to know that they are the exception, not the rule. That is why we are so appalled and can’t believe it when we hear it.

Iris Lively Nuxall

Today, I want to tell my mother, Beverly Sappenfield,  how grateful I am, that when I still look back, you are there cheering me on. You steady me, you advise me and you strengthen me. My mother taught me about God and the eternal nature of families. She taught me that it is possible to have Heaven on earth. Heaven on earth is coming home to a mother like mine, with homemade bread in the oven, a smile at the door and a gentle patient nature with loving arms and hands to steady everyone she comes in contact with. She is the glue that holds together five children, their spouses, nineteen grandchildren and soon five great-grandchildren. She is bright educated and beautiful, outside and in. She is still the person I turn to when I cry and carries the wisdom I need when making decisions.

Beverly and Jeff Sappenfield Wedding

Although I want to say we are best friends, the term simply does not carry enough respect for my mother. It is hard to even type her name. The only word that carries the respect she deserves is Mother.

Cabin in Maxfield Oregon that Pearl and Fisher Lively lived in when Foreman of the Railroad for logging

coming home...Fisher and Pear Lively's cabin in Maxfield Oregon while foreman working for logging railroad. Great Grandma Pearl Lively in the door with Iris Nuxall

I love you Mom, happy Mothers Day.

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